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Advanced Programs

Advanced BodyWorker (ABW) 300 hours
NeuroMuscular Reprogramming (NMR) 102 hours

Advanced BodyWorker (ABW)

The complete ABW Program is not available at this time; however, most individual courses are available. Please contact the Institute for more information.

This 300 hour certificate program is a natural progression from CMT and a precursor to CBW. The Advanced BodyWorker program will broaden your skills to enable you to respond effectively to a wider variety of client needs. In addition to achieving a higher level of professionalism, this next step in your development increases your ability to understand the relationship between knowledge, caring, conscious touch and living systems.

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"After my CMT was finished, I knew that I had learned a lot, but it had just wetted my appetite for more.  Recently I have been finishing the final requirements the CBW program and I look forward to taking more continuing education classes.  The learning environment here is very contagious and you want to keep learning – and there is so much to learn from each of the different teachers, assistants and fellow students.  In my practice I often hear the compliment “I’ve never had such a great massage”, and I owe it all to the Institute.”"

-Amber Guaraglia

Prerequisite: CMT courses 140 hrs
Advanced BodyWorker (ABW) courses 160 hrs
  courses hrs
Advanced Palpatory Anatomy
Building Your Practice 15
Advanced Conscious BodyWork 24
Deep Tissue 37
Integrative Lymph & Visceral 26
Supervised Clinics 20
Total ABW Hours 300


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