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Professional Massage
Therapy Training

Our massage therapy training programs are broad-based and comprehensive. Our objective is to create intelligent bodyworkers who are trained to recognize each client's needs and can draw from a wide spectrum of massage techniques. In addition to the hands-on techniques, our training programs give students an appreciation of the interrelated functioning of the whole body. In our training programs massage and bodywork techniques are balanced with education in theory and a thorough grounding in anatomy, kinesiology, bio-mechanics and the energetic principles of healing.


Programs for Professional BodyWorkers

The Institute of Conscious BodyWork offers many levels of certification in bodywork, both in programs and in individual modalities.  Those practicing BodyWork already can expand their practices by enrolling in an advanced program or taking a continuing education course.


The Benefits of program enrollment


Learn from the best

Our teachers are among the best, recruited for their expertise and experience in their field, having years of clinical practice to enrich your classroom experience. Each instructor uses innovative and creative abilities to develop and present their curriculum. They are passionate about imparting their expertise in their specific subject and field.


Certification from a well-established school

Certifications received from the Institute of Conscious BodyWork will have distinction because of the school's history and recognition within the healing and wellness community.


Repeat courses for free

Program student are encouraged to repeat the courses that are part of their program on a space available basis.  Each program has a specific time frame in which free repeats are available.


To meet with the Director and tour the facility, call
(415) 945-9945

At last! Solutions for your more challenging clients.  NeuroMuscular Reprogramming (NMR) can provide solutions for conditions that have not previously responded to other treatments. Practitioners who have taken NMR courses have been amazed at much more effective their work has become with their clients. This advance therapy blends well with other bodywork styles and is the perfect adjunct to chiropractic, physical therapy, and sports injury rehabilitation.

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