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The Institute of Conscious BodyWork - Alive & Well
is located at 655 Redwood Hwy., Ste 225, Mill Valley CA 94941
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Marin County is noted for being one of the most beautiful spots in the Bay Area. From the old-growth redwoods of Muir Woods to the miles of beaches of Point Reyes National Seashore, there are more square miles of protected open space and nature preserves than there are inhabited areas. In your free time, you can go hiking, explore on mountain bikes, surf, swim, kayak or just plain laze around in the sun. Marin County feels quite rural yet is very close to the diverse culture and excitement of urban San Francisco and Berkeley. The county is made up of many small towns strung together like a necklace around Mt. Tamalpais. You'll probably notice more health food stores than most places, and many high-quality restaurants and cafes.

Marin is also remarkable for being an epicenter of free thinkers, spiritual teachers and alternative health practitioners. If you are interested in spirituality or holistic healing of any sort, you can be sure to find a teacher or mentor living here. People are open-minded, friendly, and tend to be positive thinkers. Our community bulletin board at the school is filled to overflowing with fun events, classes and brochures of fascinating new developments in consciousness.

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Institute of Conscious BodyWork-Alive&Well!
655 Redwood Hwy., Ste 225,
Mill Valley CA 94941



Our climate is moderate, with mild wet winters, and hot dry summers. We have a few different micro-climates, all located within a 20-mile radius. If you prefer a cooler climate, try Mill Valley; they get more fog there. If you like it warmer, try San Rafael or San Anselmo, our sunbelt. The locals know to dress in layers, so they can stay bundled up when necessary, or take off a layer or two for the warmer places
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For school information, or to request a catalog please call: (415) 945-9945
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To schedule a treatment, please call Healus Center (415) 388-9945
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